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Guided Snorkel Tour - West Palm Beach

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18 and over
Child Ages 8 -17

Immerse Yourself in an Enthralling Guided Snorkeling Tour for Reef Exploration in West Palm Beach, Florida


Get on a guided introductory scuba diving expedition in the ocean suitable for both adults and children. This tour caters to beginners, eliminating the need for any prior experience, as your dedicated dive professional will supply all necessary equipment. You can also purchase videos to capture your adventure. Explore vibrant underwater reefs on our ocean-based tours, and rest assured, no certification is necessary for this dive, with guaranteed sightings of aquatic life and fish!

Get on guided snorkeling adventures in West Palm Beach, Florida, where experienced guides lead participants on underwater journeys, typically exploring captivating coral reefs and marine environments. These excursions prioritize safety and education for snorkelers of all skill levels, providing insights into marine life and ecosystems while ensuring confident navigation in the water. Guides supply diving gear, share their knowledge of local flora and fauna, and maintain group safety, creating an excellent opportunity for both beginners and seasoned snorkelers to explore the wonders of the underwater world under expert supervision.

Upon booking, your group will be matched with a dedicated dive professional. The tour commences in shallow waters to acquaint everyone with snorkeling equipment. Once everyone is comfortable, your dive professional will guide you to the reef, where you’ll encounter sea turtles, a profusion of fish, and a diverse aquatic ecosystem.