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West Palm Beach

Beginner Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Adventures in West Palm Beach, Florida

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What’s interesting in Diving tours in West Palm Beach, Florida?


West Palm Beach, Florida, offers an array of exciting things to do. From learning how to Scuba dive to Jet Snorkeling at one of West Palm Beach’s best kept secret beaches, we have tours fun for everyone. For a touch of enchantment, mermaid tours allow you to swim with professional mermaids in the beautiful West Palm Beach waters, combining fantasy and aquatic exploration. West Palm Beach Beach offers a diverse range of underwater adventures to suit every aquatic interest.

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Five-Star Outstanding Performance
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Highly recommend for beginners. Very fun experience. We got to see a flounder, puffer fish and so my other city!

– Tripadvisor, Matthew W.
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Awesome Time!

Had a great time with Tabitha. She got some great videos for us. We would do this again. Everyone should try it once.

– Tripadvisor, Alisa H.
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Must Try!

Absolutely amazing. Instructor was great. Was a great intro to figure out of scuba diving is for you!

– Tripadvisor, 731chogan88
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Was so so fun and the instructors were amazing! would definitely recommend going at least once, me and my friend are considering getting certified to go deeper:)

– Tripadvisor, Calie H.
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10 out of 10!

My guide was Tabitha, she was great. Explained everything carefully. I was a first time diver and she showed me things I never would have seem on my own. 10/10 recommended!!

– Tripadvisor, Ethen l.