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Guided Snorkel Tour - Honolulu

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18 and over
Child Ages 8-17

Dive into reef exploration on our guided snorkel tours in Honolulu, HI

Guided snorkel trips are organized trips where participants are led by experienced guides to explore the underwater environment, usually coral reefs or other marine areas These trips are designed to be a safe and informative experience for snorkelers of all levels, to provide insight into marine life and ecosystems, as well as Ensure that participants navigate the water safely Guides often provide equipment for diving, share knowledge of local flora and fauna, and ensure group safety, making guided snorkel trips a great option for beginners and experienced snorkelers in which to explore the wonders of the snorkel the underwater world under expert guidance

Once you make your reservation, we pair your group with your own personal dive professional. Your dive pro starts the tour out in shallow water to get everyone comfortable with using the snorkel gear. Once everyone is comfortable, your dive pro will take you to the reef to see sea turtles, and tons of fish and aquatic life.

**Complimentary Go Pro videos included!