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Mermaid Snorkel Tour & Photo Shoot - Honolulu

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18 and over
Youth Ages 6 to 17

Try Our Aquatic Fairytale Experience Beneath Shallow Waters on Mermaid Snorkel Tour in Honolulu, HI


Once you make your reservation, we pair you with your own personal mermaid guide. Your mermaid guide will start the tour out in shallow water to get everyone comfortable with using the mermaid tail and snorkeling gear. Once everyone is comfortable, your mermaid guide will teach you the basics of how to swim like a mermaid while capturing pictures and videos of the tour. Once you have mastered the basics, your mermaid guide will guide you to the reef to see tons of fish and aquatic life.

The “Mermaid Snorkel Tour & Photo Shoot” in Honolulu, Hawaii is a unique and spectacular experience that allows participants to immerse themselves in the world of mermaids During this tour, their involvement can be a mermaid tail, explore amazing underwater scenery in shallow water while snorkeling . Professional guides and instructors take care of safety and offer instructions for the uninitiated on water fairy swims. As part of the experience, participants will have the opportunity to capture memorable moments in a dedicated photo session, creating magical underwater memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

This one-of-a-kind tour combines the thrill of snorkeling with a touch of fantasy, making it a great option for individuals and groups looking for a unique water experience She offers the chance to embrace your inner mermaid to explore Honolulu’s marine life it’s in the heat, all while taking professional photos to commemorate the experience Whether you’re a mermaid enthusiast or just want to have a different snorkeling adventure, the “Mermaid Snorkel Tour & Photo Shoot” is arguable there is no guarantee that you will have a memorable and spectacular underwater adventure in the heart of Hawaii.

Complimentary Go Pro videos included!