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Jet Snorkel San Juan Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 10+

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with Jet Snorkeling in Vibrant San Juan, Puerto Rico

Are you ready for an exhilarating and unforgettable underwater adventure? Join us on a thrilling snorkeling tour exploring a shipwreck enhanced by the speed and maneuverability of jet scooters! Get ready to explore the mesmerizing marine life and discover the hidden wonders of the ocean in a way like never before.

This tour is FOR BEGINNERS, so NO PRIOR snorkeling or swimming experience is required!

  • Explore a Sunken Ship
  • Adults and kids 10 and up
  • We provide absolutely everything
  • Free videos and pictures included
  • All tours are in the ocean on a shipwreck
  • Guaranteed to see aquatic life and fish

What to Expect

Fundamentals briefing:
Your guide will start you out from the beach where they will go over information and fundamentals of snorkeling and using the Jet. Usually 10-15 min.

Getting Comfortable:
Your guide will start you out in waist deep water (3ft) to get you comfortable with basic snorkeling skills.

Guided Jet Snorkeling tour:
After the guide gets you comfortable and they are comfortable with you they will give you an underwater tour, showing you the Shipwreck and all of the beautiful aquatic life and fish. They’ll also capture some of those memories on video!


Tour Highlights:

Jet Scooter Excitement:
Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping twist to your snorkel adventure with the use of jet scooters! These powerful watercraft will give you the freedom to explore the underwater world effortlessly. Zip through the water with ease, covering more ground and discovering a wider range of marine life.

Breathtaking Marine Diversity:
The snorkeling site is carefully chosen to offer you a glimpse into the underwater wonderland. Immerse yourself in vibrant coral reefs, schools of colorful fish, and an array of marine species that call this paradise their home. With the added mobility of jet scooters, you can venture deeper into the ocean and explore hidden crevices that few have had the chance to witness.

Guided by Experts:
Our team of experienced guides will accompany you throughout the tour. They possess a wealth of knowledge about the marine ecosystem, and local wildlife. Feel free to ask questions, and they’ll be more than happy to share their passion for marine conservation with you.

Eco-Friendly Adventure:
We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of the ocean and ensuring that our activities have minimal impact on the environment. Our tours strictly adhere to responsible snorkeling practices and follow guidelines for the protection of marine life.

Photography Opportunities:
We will capture the magical moments as you swim alongside a shipwreck as we take videos to commemorate this unique experience.

Suitable for All Skill Levels:
Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a first-timer, our tour is designed to accommodate all skill levels. Our guides will provide a brief orientation and safety instructions before you embark on this extraordinary journey.

Book Your Adventure Today!

Embark on an unparalleled snorkeling journey that combines the beauty of the ocean with the thrill of jet scooters. Our shipwreck snorkel tour promises an experience that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Book your San Juan Jet Snorkel Adventure now and get ready to create unforgettable memories!

Questions? Give us a call at 787-476-4400