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Outside Dive

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Adult Ages 18 and over

Exploring Outside Dive Adventures In The Open Waters of Honolulu, HI


What is outside dive? It takes place in the open water surrounding such structures. It may involve drifting along the reef or exploring the waters adjacent to a wreck without actually entering it. Outside dives often offer opportunities to see larger marine life that may pass by in the open ocean.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of outdoor diving in Honolulu, Hawaii, where the vastness of the Pacific Ocean is your playground. Beyond the protected cliffs and shipwrecks, this unique underwater experience offers a thrilling opportunity to encounter the majesty of the ocean. Glide effortlessly into crystal-clear waters as you explore the open ocean, encounter a variety of exotic courtyards, witness the incredible dance of schools of fish Honolulu outdoor dive sites, such as Hanauma Bay and the warm waters of Waikiki Beach, are unforgettable -Provides an unparalleled backdrop for underwater adventures Whether you are an experienced surfer exploring the open ocean enthusiast or novice looking to explore the wonders of the deep, diving off the coast of Honolulu promises a world of awesome marine encounters and lasting memories