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Adventure Diver Certification

Quick Details


Have A Certificate As Adventure Diver in Honolulu, HI

Why get Certified? What to Expect?

Further your education to explore even deeper depths and amazing dive sites all over the world by completing your advanced open water certification.


Pre-Requisite: Must have completed Open Water Certification prior

The amazing part is, we keep our classes small to give the quality you deserve, while also capturing this experience on GOPRO and will download all videos for free to your phone!



1. You will be able to join more advanced dive tours to explore some of the coolest dive sites in the world.
2. You will receive a PADI community membership where you can make friends all over the world and connect through diving.
3. You can rent gear and tanks from local dive shops so you can explore on your own.
4. This Certification is for life!
5. This will open the door to whole new world!

Location, Location, Location, our dive site is located at Magic Island in Ala Moana Beach Park making it very easy and accessible to participate in our classes. I do all of my dives on the ocean and will make sure I point out the abundant amount of sea life that Ala Moana Beach has to offer. With two different dive sites at this location, you will have the opportunity to see sea turtles, fish and lots of different sea life.



The certification process consists of 2 components. One, coursework and the second is hands on water training.

Once you book your certification, your dive instructor will reach out within the first 24hrs to send you your coursework. We utilize an advanced e-learning education system to make the certification process easy and fun.

The e-learning course can be done anywhere from your computer, but must be completed prior to your first Dive class